Friday, July 16, 2010

Marijuana Use and Academic Problems

The youngsters' schooltime use of marijuana should be viewed within the context of their pervasive behavioral and academic problems. Most of the group met their friends early in the morning in order to get high before starting the day. Smoking continued throughout the day, intensified during lunch hour, and often resulted in the youngster's not going back in the afternoon. Those who cut afternoon classes would often meet friends near the school grounds to continue their smoking during the late afternoon hours.

For those who had at one time done well in school, the onset of heavy marijuana use tended to coincide with a withdrawal from scholastic and athletic competition. One young man with an excellent school record and test scores that placed him in the 98th percentile among high school students in the nation, began in the 9th grade to find competition intolerable, gave up all attempts at academic success, and became a "pothead."

Given the degree of difficulty these adolescents had in functioning in a regular high school environment, it is not surprising that most had serious problems remaining in and graduating from high school. Several were repeating grades they had failed with little hope of ever graduating.

For many of these youngsters, instead of being a way-station between childhood and adulthood, high school seemed to one degree or another to represent a dead end.

Marijuana demotivates our kids

When dreamt about our children bright future, self-expression, and happiness. We loved them, helped them with homework, taught them to be organized, to build plans, to solve problems... Are all these our efforts fell in vain?

Marijuana use makes our children passive, inward-turning, "amotivated". "For numerous students," wrote authors of "Adolescent, Marijuana Abuse, and their Families", use of significant amounts of marijuana lead to the progressive change from conforming, achievement-oriented behavior, to a state of relaxed and careless drifting.

Then why did we bring children to this life, if they no longer like their own lives?

Why youngsters use marijuana

In a study "Adolescent, Marijuana Abuse, and their Families", authors summarized factors that account for high-school-aged youngsters' use of marijuana:

  • low self-esteem;
  • anxiety, depression, and lack of self-control;
  • difficulties in establishing meaningful relationships with others (that makes fresh immigrant are very vulnerable);
  • the need to repress feelings of hostility and aggression;


  • marijuana was used regularly and in large amounts by these college students to provide relief from competitive conflicts that were proving intolerable;
  • it can be tied up with the young people's sense of being caught in an impossible position regarding achievement and competition.

Should you continue this list – help us all know the factors of vulnerability and pay special attention to our children in order to prevent their drug use?

I Hate Drugs Affirmations

It is very hard to quit drugs, including marijuana, after a period of use. Relapses are not uncommon. To help prevent relapses after withdrawal, need a strong emotional control. Need constant reminders and re-enforcements of the intolerance toward drugs. Repeating these daily affirmations can help to stay on the right track.

  • I hate drugs. Drugs destroy me. Drugs make me weak. They suppress my spirit. They destroy my body.
  • I hate drugs because they destroy my family.
  • I hate drugs; because of them I can't reach my full potential.
  • I hate addiction because it requires lying. I can't like myself when I lie.
  • I hate lying. The more I lie, the more I am isolated. Lying traps me in my addiction.
  • I hate drugs; they prevent me from having true friends, good people, who care about me.
  • I hate drugs because they hinder from thinking rationally and from making logical decisions.
  • I hate drugs because they prevent me from feeling complete, free, and happy. I don't want to sleepwalk through life.
  • Marijuana is absolutely NOT good for me and it is most definitely addictive. It leads to the suicide thoughts, the slipping grades, the paranoia, the harder drugs.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes. If I don't change my life, then why would this time be any different? I need to create a new life where it's easier to not use.
  • I am going to ignore the nightmares, have hope and love, and best of all.
  • I do not have drugs anymore and never will again.
  • I am one-hundred percent completely honest with people who support me. I no longer give my addiction room to hide.

Parents Against Marijuana, Unite!

Dear Parents,

If you care of the future of your children, join us! 

We are tired of:

  • Propaganda spread by drug dealers about 'harmlessness' of marijuana;
  • Availability of marijuana on every street and every school;
  • Passivity of the police in Canada and non-doing, despite of our reports on marijuana abuse and dealerships cases and provided drug dealer's phone numbers and addresses;
  • indifference toward marijuana use from teachers at schools, covering first evidences and non-reporting these cases to parents, that results in many years of struggling with addictions that become nearly impossible to stop.


At almost every household, parents grieve that their kids became drug dependent.

  • We are losing our children to drugs!
  • Because of marijuana and other drugs, our dearest children lie to us and separate from families!
  • The grades are dropping.
  • Kids become de-motivated in life and achievements.
  • Our kids' personalities change.
  • They become unable to take right decisions.
  • Our kid's immune system become too weakened, they get sick too often and can't resist to a slightest virus.
  • Kids on drugs destroy their health, including brain, lungs, and reproductive organs.

At the same time, drug dealers and drug addicts organize marijuana marches in Toronto?! How come police doesn't do anything against the parade of the illegal drug???

Parents, unite against marijuana!

We call upon each person who want and can contribute to make our voices heard!

Together, we are going to change the situation!

Together, we will go as far as we need to and require the law to be enforced!

We will save our children!

Join us, come see our posts often, and leave your comments, opinions, and advices!